Saturday, December 12, 2020

Show At Most Posts Setting Not Working In Blogger

Many users were facing problems related to topic ' The older posts were missing from their blog homepage but they were actually not deleted and still exist in posts list ' or ' The number of posts per page were not matching up with the setting of number of posts per page or that should be shown and missing posts were shown in link "older posts" ' or ' The number of posts on main page / Show at most posts on the main page setting is not Saving properly.

These problem were caused due to the large length of posts in your blog due to which blogger was not able to set preferred numbers of posts per page ( Approx limit  155,000 characters / page for posts ). and therefore shifts your posts to next page ( Older Posts link ).

To solve this problem Problem you need to add Jump Break in each post to summaries your posts by maintaining the length your posts without shorting / editing posts. This will add link to full post after few defined lines.

To learn to add jump break follow the given step by step tutorial with images :

Steps : How To Add Jump Break

Step 1. Login to your Blogger account, then click on New Post or Open existing post.
Step 2. After few lines ( Summary of post ) insert jump break using Blogger Post editor.
Step 3. Click publish / Update.
Post Preview after adding Jump Break

That's All

Now you can add Jump Breaks in each post either new or old which will also solve the above given problems. For any issues related to above tutorial comment below. Stay Updated, Browse Tech2blogger ! :)